Conflict Mediation

How would you like to increase productivity and actually enjoy being at work?

Unresolved conflicts, grievances, miscommunications, and blame waste enormous amounts of time and energy. With our conflict mediation services you can begin the process of resolving differences that may have been keeping you and your organization from thriving.

We utilize easy to follow principles that will help resolve conflicts and that can be used to effectively manage conflicts in the future.

"Your positive and tactful work in resolving some major departmental conflicts resulted in minimizing personal and financial costs
to the City."

—Pat Ackley
Training Officer
City of Fremont, CA

Working with Clients

"A true professional knows how to handle and diffuse conflicts skillfully and picks battles carefully."

—Leadership Tips–Summer 2004

Having problems dealing with difficult people?

   We'll help you...

  • Resolve conflicts and build cooperation
  • Diffuse anger to get people communicating
  • Modify behaviors to minimize further conflict
  • Surface the real issues and clear the air
  • Create closure so everyone can move on

"Through your skillful management of certain issues that were politically sensitive, personally vexing, and technically complex,
I was able to resolve a most difficult dilemma."

—John Mueller
Civil Engineer
Santa Clara Valley Water District

Are big egos getting in the way of productivity?

   We'll help you...

  • Identify resistances
  • Assess the impact of diverse personalities
  • Relate personal styles to conflict resolution
  • Develop strategies for resolution
  • Transform negativity

"Your ability to help people recognize a problem, even if they are a part of it, and then come to a mutually agreed upon resolution is a reflection of your high degree of professional skill and empathy."

—William Normark
Regional Geologist
US Department of the Interior

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