Conflict Resolution and Mediation

Are you getting bogged down dealing with interpersonal disagreements or other sticky issues?

Are you struggling with competing priorities or personal agendas?

Do you find yourself wasting energy trying to accommodate egos instead of focusing on the critical challenges?


Unresolved conflicts and miscommunication waste enormous amounts of time and energy. There is also a bottom-line cost in lost productivity, negative perceptions, and increased stress.

We specialize in mediating interpersonal conflicts and in coaching leaders and individuals to have courageous conversations using our unique models. We always challenge our clients to expand their thinking and become aware of their filters and unconscious biases.

Our processes will help you save time and energy by resolving conflicts, whether they be long standing issues or fresh disputes. You will learn skills that build your comfort and confidence to help you make appropriate interventions with transparency and integrity. You will also learn how to increase your emotional intelligence so that you can effectively monitor your emotions, see how they impact others, and help others increase their self-awareness.


“Our ongoing relationship with The Consulting Team has given us the confidence that, come what may, we will be able to work it out and move forward.  Her coaching new partners – knowing who we are, and what being a partner in our firm means has been invaluable.  Rules of engagement developed in mediation sessions have changed how we behave individually and as a group.  We lean heavily on The Consulting Team to keep us communicating effectively, understand how our actions reflect our culture, and integrate our values into our work lives.”

Gail Lang, Chief Operating Officer, Minami Tamaki, LLP